Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout Review

Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout Review

Looking to get shredded and big at the same time? Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 promises to be the product you need!

Well, since we’re not the ones to buy into the cheap promises, we took it upon ourselves to test and review this product and see if it can actually do what it claims to be able to.

So, let’s see what we’ve found out.

What is Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout?

Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 or Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn is a 2-in-1 pre-workout/fat burner formula geared towards those that want to get in the mood to lift and lose weight at the same time.

Based on user experience, this is a pretty solid product, and we have to admit – it is better than we thought it would be.

It contains a lot of the “necessary” pre-workout ingredients that are stimulating, pump-inducing, and focus-enhancing. Most of them are also decently dosed.

The same goes for the fat-burning side. You have your thermogenesis boosters and catabolism enhancers, so in theory, it should get the job done.

However, this is far from a perfect product.

Pros and Cons of Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Product Pros

  • A solid taste, although there aren’t too many to choose from
  • Transparent label
  • Clean, generally well-dosed formula
  • Thermogenesis-inducing potential
  • Very stimulating

Product Cons

  • It could cause anxiety, jitters, and itching
  • Price per serving

First things first, this thing tastes great. We tried the Hulk Juice flavor, and the best way we can describe it is “a green apple gummy bear not made by Haribo”.

Also, we’re big fans of the transparent label. It shows that there’s nothing to hide and makes it so that everyone can see exactly what they’re getting. And sure, the caffeine blend is BS, and you don’t know how much of which you’re getting, but there’s a good chance most of it is caffeine anhydrous, so we wouldn’t stress about it.

We’ll discuss the dosages and thermogenesis potential in a bit, but you can expect a very noticeable energy boost once you take a full scoop

On the other hand, that also means there’s a chance you’ll feel unease and jittery – and that’s after you’ve already thought twice about spending this much on a pre-workout.

Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Ingredient Profile

Here’s the ingredient profile of Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1.

  • L-citrulline – 4,000mg 
  • Beta-alanine – 3,200mg
  • L-taurine – 500mg
  • Choline bitartrate – 1,000mg
  • L-tyrosine – 1,000mg
  • SantEnergy™ Nu – 400mg
  • SXT™ Energy System – 320mg
    • Caffeine Anhydrous
    • zümXR® Extended Release Caffeine
    • zümXR® Delayed Release Caffeine
  • MitoBurn® – 500mg
  • Sensoril® (ashwagandha) – 250mg
  • CaloriBurn® GP – 40mg
  • Black Pepper – 10mg
  • ProGBB® – 5mg
  • Alphabin – 1mg

While there are a few things we’d add and some we’d remove from the formula – this is not half bad.

You get most of what you should get in a pre-workout and a few other things that could potentially make the whole thing better, which kind of makes sense because this is definitely not a straight-to-the-point product.

And no, that’s not all we’re going to say.

Here’s a full breakdown of these ingredients.

How We Rate These Ingredients 

IngredientRating (Scale of 1-5)
Choline Bitartrate2
SantEnergy™ Nu2
SXT™ Energy System5
Sensoril® (Ashwagandha)3
CaloriBurn® GP3
Black Pepper2

L-Citrulline and Caffeine

L-Citrulline and caffeine (SXT™ Energy System) are two of the best ingredients in this formula.

Citrulline is a very effective NO precursor, meaning it will improve blood flow and give you massive pumps. [1]

That said, we’d like to see a bit more than 4 grams, but 4 grams is also passable

As for caffeine, you are looking at a blend (for whatever reason), but at 320 mg, this is more than effective if you’re looking for an energy boost and focus enhancement. [2]


L-tyrosine is a “feel good” amino acid that’s used in various pre-workouts and is thought to elevate your mood by stimulating dopamine synthesis. [3]

It is one of the rare ingredients found in pre-workouts that actually work as advertised, and at 1000 mg, it is effectively dosed.

L-Taurine, Sensoril® (Ashwagandha), MitoBurn®, and CaloriBurn® GP

L-Taurine is another common pre-workout ingredient praised for its recovery-inducing and muscle soreness-delaying properties.

It is a decent ingredient that has its place in a pre-workout, but at 500 mg, it is at its lowest effective dose.

Ashwagandha has its fair share of benefits, and while fat loss isn’t one of them – there’s evidence of it increasing power output, helping with recovery, reducing anxiety, and even affecting testosterone levels – all of which make it a good ingredient. [4]

We’d just like to see a tad more.

MitoBurn and CaloriBurn GP are fat-burning compounds, otherwise known as L-BAIBA and Grains of Paradise.

Both are known for their ability to induce the browning of white adipose tissue and enhance brown tissue oxidation, which is why they’re often a part of fat-burning supplements. [5] [6]

They’re promising, but how effective they are is still up for debate.

Beta-alanine, Choline Bitartrate, SantEnergy™ Nu, Black Pepper, ProGBB®, Alphabin

Now for the pretty-much-obsolete ingredients.

Beta-alanine isn’t a bad ingredient, per se, because it can help you offset fatigue and enhance endurance.

However, that’s only observable in bouts of exercise exceeding one minute (and lasting up to 10) and only after you’ve build-up sufficient amounts of it, which would take about two months at a 3.2g dose. [7]

Also, the tingling is annoying.

Choline is another common ingredient in pre-workout supplements touted for its cognitive-enhancing properties. However, there’s no scientific evidence supporting these theories, and not for lack of trying.

SantEnergy™ is an extract of the California Yerba Santa plant, often used for respiratory infections, fever, and obesity, despite a complete lack of scientific evidence supporting these uses.

Finally, we can group black pepper, ProGBB, and as “ingredients added just to make the formula look more imposing”. 

In reality, neither of these has any significant effect on enhancing your performance, nor does it aid in fat loss.

How Does the Alpha Lion Burn Pre-Workout Make You Feel When You Take It?

Despite not being the best pre-workout on the market (or even close to it), Alpha Lion 2-in-1 Pre-Workout makes you feel like you’re ready to lift some heavy weights.

Even if you’re not particularly sensitive to stimulants, caffeine will kick in after 30 minutes or so, and you will definitely feel it working.

What will also happen are beta-alanine tingles, which some enjoy for some weird reason, but we really didn’t.

Unless you’re really comfortable scratching your ears (or, even worse, your anus) like a madman in front of a full gym –  it’s not a good feeling.

Does the Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout Work?

Yes, Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout works – it’s as simple as that.

It contains enough of the important ingredients to make you feel and look like Superman after a while, and quite frankly, that’s all one could ask for from a pre-workout.

On the fat-burning side end – things aren’t so simple.

Sure, there are quite a few ingredients here that will boost your metabolism and enhance fat oxidation, but in the end – it all comes down to how hard you work.

And we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but no matter how potent a pre-workout or a fat burner is – unless you’re ready to work harder than last time and eat the way you’re supposed to eat – there isn’t a supplement in this world that will make a difference.

Is the Alpha Lion Burn Pre-Workout Safe to Take?

Yes, the Alpha Lion Burn Pre-Workout supplement is safe to take. This is a GRAS-verified product, which is a fancy way of saying all of the ingredients are “generally regarded as safe”.

Will the Alpha Lion Burn Pre-Workout Have Any Side Effects?

While Alpha Lion Burn Pre-Workout is marketed as “Safe, Side-Effect Free”, that isn’t necessarily the truth.

There is no such thing as a side-effect-free product – especially not when we’re talking about pre-workouts.

Quite a few ingredients in here can cause a side effect or two, including:

  • Caffeine at 300mg is known to cause anxiety, jitters, and disrupt sleep
  • Beta-alanine is notorious for paresthesia (tingling)
  • L-tyrosine could interact with thyroid medication

So, while it is generally considered safe – side effects can still occur.

How Does Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Compare to Other Options?

In order to give you a better idea of how good or not-as-good Alpha Lion 2-in-1 Pre-Workout is, let’s briefly compare it to another complex pre-workout formula – Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout

Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout
Cost Per Serving$3.09$2.49
L-Citrulline4,000 mg9,000 mg
L-Tyrosine1,000 mg1,500 mg
Caffeine320 mg350 mg
CreatineNone5,000 mg

First of all – Gorilla Mode is more affordable. It’s about $0.60 less per serving!

But that’s not all.

If we were to equalize their cost per serving, Gorilla Mode would be twice as potent, pretty much across the board. You’d twice as much citrulline, 50% more tyrosine, 50 mg of extra caffeine, and to top things off, you’d get 5 grams of creatine monohydrate.

And sure, Gorilla Mode isn’t without its drawbacks. If you were to take a single scoop, you’d get a much less imposing formula, but at that point, you pay a dollar per serving, which is an incredible deal for such a well-formulated pre-workout.

Overall Opinion of Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1

Overall, Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 is a solid product that doesn’t leave a lot to be desired.

And sure, this whole 2-in-1, burn-fat-while-you-build-muscle is arguably nothing more than a marketing trick, but still, if a goal of a pre-workout is to get you pumped to lift weight – Alpha Lion Burn will do that.

Overall Rating of Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout: 3/5

We’d give Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 a 3 out of 5 overall rating.

It’s a solid formula, with some well-dosed ingredients and some promising ones, but there are just far better options at this price point – and that’s a deal breaker for us.

Also, leave beta-alanine out of pre-workouts. It’s rarely, if ever, applicable in a gym setting.

On a more positive note, the taste is fine, it mixes well, and while there aren’t too many flavors to choose from – most people should be fine with what’s available.


Is this the product that will make you swole and lean at the same time? No, definitely not.

Will it help you reach your goals in a more efficient manner? Yes, it will.

Would we recommend you buy this product? No, not really. There are better, tastier, and more affordable alternatives on the market, so you probably shouldn’t set your sights on this one if you have other options. We’d recommend going with a product like Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout instead, which is a similar, but better, pre-workout formula.

Where to Buy Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout

If you’d still like to check out Alpha Lion 2-in-1, you can find it on Amazon. Keep in mind if you use our link to purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. But it is an easy way to support our cause of bringing the best information about supplements if you found this review helpful.

Alpha Lion Burn 2-in-1 Pre-Workout
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