Best L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP Combination Dosage to Get Results

Are you feeling lethargic and unmotivated lately? Do you find yourself struggling to concentrate on daily tasks?

Taking L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP might be the natural way to boost your mood, energy, and focus while also supporting healthy sleep patterns.

I know supplements can be confusing and overwhelming – sometimes it’s like trying to navigate a maze blindfolded.

That’s why I’ve created this guide to help you choose the best L-tyrosine and 5-HTP combination dosage and learn more about potential synergistic effects.

What is the Best L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP Combination Dosage?

Now, before we dive into the nitty-gritty of dosage, let’s briefly break down what L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP are.

Both are naturally occurring amino acids and precursors to neurotransmitters and hormones. 

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is the key to serotonin biosynthesis, while tyrosine is necessary for producing epinephrine and dopamine. 

Serotonin and dopamine are responsible for regulating mood, energy, and motivation; therefore, it is considered that these two amino acids can work synergistically. (1) (2)

Studies regarding taking a combination of L-tyrosine and 5-HTP are virtually nonexistent, especially after one has been retracted due to a conflict of interest.

So, we can determine the best dosage for each one separately.

Although there are no official recommendations, you can take up to 2000 mg of tyrosine daily and 100 to 800 mg of 5-HTP, depending on the purpose.

When Should You Take L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP?

Since 2-in-1 tyrosine plus 5-HTP supplements are rare (actually, I have never seen one), you can go ahead and take advantage of taking them at different parts of the day.

I would take L-tyrosine in the morning to help me cope with stress and make me more alert, particularly after a short night’s sleep.

It is recommended to take 5-HTP about an hour before bed to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety, depression, as well as pain sensation. (3)

This schedule of taking these two supplements is not written in stone. You can take both in the morning if you tend to forget to take supplements a few times per day.

How Long Does it Take Before L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP Start Working?

You should feel the effects of L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP within an hour or a maximum of two hours.

However, it may vary from person to person. For many, it takes weeks for the first benefits to become apparent.

There are reports that it takes 6 to 12 weeks for 5-HTP to become fully effective. Those statements still need to be confirmed by a reliable study, but it can certainly be true. Many substances only start to work when they accumulate, and the serum level is constantly elevated.

Should Doses of L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP be Taken with or Without Food?

They are totally opposite in this department.

You don’t have to pay attention when taking 5-HTP. The presence of food does not impair its effectiveness, nor does it need the food to act as a carrier in digestion.

You have to be more careful with L-Tyrosine. Take it at least half an hour (ideally 45 to 60 minutes) before a meal. Some amino acids may interfere with absorption, so food can be counterproductive.

Do You Need to Cycle on and Off L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP?

I can’t offer you an unequivocal answer to this question.

Finding a science-backed conclusion regarding the need for cycling L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP and cycling protocol is impossible.

It is considered safe to take both for at least 3 months. It makes sense to stop taking 5-HTP after 3 months and use it during the break only when you feel like you need to.

You can probably use L-Tyrosine non-stop, but it would be reasonable to monitor your blood count and consult a doctor.

What Happens if You Take Too Much L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP?

It is highly unlikely that you will overdose with either of these two.

One study showed that even 10,000 mg daily of L-tyrosine for a few weeks is safe for healthy adults of average weight. (4)

Over 6 grams of 5-HTP per day is considered a large dose that can cause side effects (or potentially be dangerous), and again it is improbable you will ingest that much.

Side effects of both are usual ones and include:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • stomach pain
  • diarrhea
  • drowsiness
  • impotence
  • heartburn

Is it Safe to Take L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP Long-Term?

No evidence suggests that taking L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP long-term is unsafe. More research is undoubtedly needed, but so far, scientists have not come across any red flags.

Combining L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP can have powerful effects on the brain, so it’s important to follow dosing guidelines carefully and avoid taking too much. Speaking with a healthcare provider before introducing any new supplement in your regime is also a good idea.


If you’re trying to find a way to achieve optimal cognitive performance and improve your emotional state, this dynamic duo might just be the answer you’ve been searching for.

By increasing the production of dopamine and serotonin, they can potentially help you combat stress, anxiety, and even depression.

But remember, there is no universal cure, so those two supplements should be a piece of the puzzle, not the only thing you rely on.

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